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Sunday 2 May 2010

The story of Neil Jones: An introduction.

Neil Jones Wins!
Criminal Justice System Beats a Retreat in the Face of Truth!

The ‘Criminal Justice System’, so named for its criminality (if they wanted us to have a Justice System they would have named it accordingly) is in retreat following it’s failure to discredit, criminalise and/or section Neil Jones – a man with access to information they don’t want the public knowing about.

Neil’s ordeal started eighteen months ago when, following his attempts to pass the information he has regarding the death of Jill Dando on to certain people within the BBC, he was arrested for burglary of a local Chemist.
He was, at the time of his initial arrest, visiting friends. They were arrested alongside him and also charged with burglary.

The following day, the burglary charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. Immediately, the three were then charged with cultivation of cannabis when the friends Neil was arrested with admitted to such. Neil however had no part in that as was obvious from the statements of his friends and by the simple fact that the plant was not being grown in his home!
And so those charges were also dropped.

Then they decided to hold Neil on charges of terrorism, thereby giving themselves up to seven days to hold him and to search his home. His wife and child were forced out of their home whilst a 5 day search ensued (conducted without the presence of any witnesses).
Many important papers were taken from their home at this time, along with equipment that Neil needs for his work as a Body Guard (it was through this work, and whilst providing protect to one of two MI6 pilots, themselves now in prison, that Neil became aware of what had really happened to Jill Dando and the lengths that officials within the political and judicial establishment were going to in order to cover this up). This equipment and those papers, alongside expensive CCTV equipment, have never been returned to Neil despite repeated requests.

Following their 5 day search of the Jones’s home, when nothing incriminating was found, the Counter Terrorism Unit left and Rotherham Police whet in. Rotherham Police conducted a new search during which they allegedly ‘found’ a pepper-spray in Neil’s sock draw, something which the CTU had curiously missed during their fine-tooth search of the property.
Neil was subsequently charged with possession of a pepper-spray (a fire-arms offence in this county).

Today (18 months later) they have admitted that this pepper spray was part of a batch seized from Neil Jones years earlier, that they hadn’t realised that Neil was intending to use this evidence as part of his defence, and that they didn’t wish to pursue the matter any further. (You just couldn’t make it up!!)
During his few days in police custody other allegations were made against Neil, not mentioned here as mention would impede Neil’s pursuit of a liable claim against certain other complicit outfits.

So in total, in the course of 6 days Neil was charged with no less than five separate offences. Four of those charges were dropped immediately, and one was pursued right up until today (Monday) when it was suddenly realised that there was no case to answer.

All of those charges and allegations were visited upon Neil just days after he revealed his name to those officials at the BBC he’d been trying to convince the evidence he has regarding the murder of Jill Dando was credible, in the belief that they would take him more seriously if he abandoned his anonymity.

During the eighteen months that followed his initial arrest Neil was forced to undergo psychiatric assessment by a judge who first cleared the public gallery, and then remanded Neil in custody until he agreed to submit to such an assessment.
One evening last June whist Neil, a keen outdoors-man, was off camping in the Peak District, his wife Mandy got a call from his solicitor saying Neil was due in court the next morning. – Why no prior notice of this appearance was given isn’t clear.
Mandy franticly tried to contact Neil, and eventually was able to get a signal and tell him he needed to come home. Hours later, having driven home, got changed and gone to court, Neil was in prison.
After around 6 weeks in prison Neil reluctantly agreed to undergo the assessment and was subsequently granted his ‘liberty’. – One condition of his bail was that he sleeps at home until the eventual trial. No more camping, no working away from home (translating to no working full stop), no life of his own.

Thankfully Neil had the foresight to record the interview with the psychiatrists and was able to counter them when they later lied about the interview in court, in an attempt to have him sectioned! They actually said in their report that they had a bed ready for him in a psychiatric hospital and were available to offer treatment for Neil’s psychiatric problems.
There had been two psychiatrists present during the interview; one taking notes the other asking questions. Unknown to them Neil recorded the interview on his phone. When told that Neil had audio evidence of the interview to verify his version of events, rather than asking to hear it, the judge decided that another assessment interview needed to be conducted there and then.
It was during this short interview that Neil produced documentation concerning his profession and his business, which he had also had the foresight to bring along, which demonstrated that he was not ‘delusional’ as the psychiatric report had suggested.

When the court was reconvened the psychiatrist had no choice but to state that there was nothing at all wrong with Neil’s mental health. (A bit of a climb down from having a bed ready for him, I’m sure you’ll agree!)

(For your information re-psychiatry - Psychiatry the fraud Youtube)

Following their failure to section him under the mental health ‘act’ the date was set, finally, for a trail. That trial was due to take place this week, beginning Tuesday 27th April.

Neil and his family, having tried time and time again to get hold of their solicitor, to no avail, were becoming increasingly convinced that he was facing a prison sentence.
He eventually managed to contact his solicitor and went to London last week to discuss his defence.
After this meeting Neil became utterly convinced he was going to jail! His own solicitor seemed unwilling to present the defence he had worked out - that of full disclosure of the authority’s determination to pin anything at all they could conjure up on him.
Straight away Neil began work on an affidavit of truth, which he planned to submit to the court in his defence, in an attempt to ensure that all of the charges the police had brought against him and subsequently dropped (including an arrest for car theft and arson, a crime he himself had reported, during the months following the psychiatric ‘evaluation’ and hearing) were available to the jury, as the police and, seemingly, his own solicitor only intended to disclose those charges brought in order to discredit him, such as terrorism.
They did not want the charges of burglary, cultivation of cannabis and the rest mentioned for fear, it can only be assumed, that their obvious determination to get him on anything at all they could would demonstrate their corrupt and lawless practices.


Then, out of the blue last Friday, just days before he was due in court, Neil got a call from his solicitor telling him that the prosecution were backing down! That there was no case for him to answer!!!
He went to court today, a day before the trail was due to start, understandably very weary that they might pull some nasty stunt on him, to be informed that the prosecution had suddenly realised that the pepper spray he had been charged with possessing was part of a batch confiscated from him years before!
And that was that. Done. (At lease in their eyes it is over. They seem not to have noticed the utter torment and disruption they have caused to Neil and his family! The time he spent in jail on remand is nothing to them. The loss of earnings, the breakdown of his business due to inability to operate, the stress and anxiety… all of that is something they seem completely oblivious of!)

Neil is now back to a place where he can begin again to try to get justice for his friends, still in jail for knowing what really happened to Jill Dando, and for Jill Dando herself and her family, who deserve to know the truth of what happened the day of her murder. He can now begin again to try to bring justice to bear on the individual who is really guilty of that crime… and to reveal those who have been doing all they can to prevent the truth from getting out.

The powers that be (TPTB) have revealed themselves for what they are through all of this, and they have actually served to lend credibility to someone they have done everything in their power to discredit and silence.
The games that they play to protect their grubby little secrets, the lives that they are happy to ruin in order to maintain the illusion of ‘respectability’ can be seen by all who care to scratch the surface.

This is a victory for every one who sees through the illusion and stands against the usurpation of power over our personal sovereignty.

Every one of us who knows that ‘consent of the governed’ is assumed in a system where there is NO opportunity to withdraw consent is as illegitimate and fraudulent the so-called democracy we are encouraged to believe in, can celebrate alongside Neil today.
This is a victory for him on a very personal level, but bigger than that it is a victory for TRUTH!

The political system… the parliament where laws are made to control and subjugate us, the ‘criminal’ justice system, used to silence those who would speak the truth and reveal the dirty secrets of TPTB… it reveals itself with every attempt to protect itself… and we see it for what it is!!

Those who come here to ridicule and mock our intentions and our methods, take heed. The system that you so readily defend makes a mockery of you.

The story told here today is massive, and will only get bigger as the truth about Jill Dando comes out, and other details of Neil Jones’s ordeal can be revealed. But this is only one of dozens of stories involving the ‘criminal’ justice system and its eagerness to silence anyone who can confidently speak to its lies and deliberate injustices.

Maurice Kirk, Robert Green, Dave Carroll, Neil Jones, Two former MI6 pilots in prison for knowing too much (to name those few that I am personally aware of).

Not one of these people should be or should have been subject to criminal proceedings. The ‘Criminal’ Justice System has done, and is doing, all it can to prevent them from speaking truths which reveal the illusion for what it is, and to prevent them from exposing the utter depths to which the corruption sinks.
But the system is loosing as hundreds and thousands more see it for what it is every day.

Namaste. – It means, when the best in me meets the best in you great things happen.


A very important update,

Firstly, as those who have become close friends throughout this ordeal will already know, for well over a year, I have been chasing up the paperwork in this case, so that I can start proceedings against the police, and judiciary, as well as a few "Common Purpose" newspapers for libel and slander. I finally had to resort to threatening Legal Action to get a copy of this paperwork which I am entitled to.

Only recently, have I finally been sent some paperwork regarding my case, but not the paperwork I was supposed to have received! I suspect through panic of Legal Action, someone has just 'rush' bundled all and anything they had involving my case, and forwarded it to me without first checking what it was that they have sent me.
What I now have in my possession, I should never have been shown, as it has been classified as "Restricted" throughout, and each and every single item of evidence included in it, has been marked 'CND' (Clearly Not Disclosable) to the defence/accused (Me). As in their own words, this information is considered to undermine the prosecution case against me, and would actually assist in my own defence!

Such evidence as exhibits taken from my home, witness statements, interrogation interview statements, CCTV evidence etc, all of which has been classified as CND as it all proves in my favour!

I counted nine pages of "Schedule of Non Sensitive Unused Material" with not one, but fifty eight separate items of the above, which the CPS consider to undermine their case against me, and assist my defence. Fifty Eight!!! I counted wrong, as fourteen of these were actually books containing a further forty exhibits each! SIX HUNDRED AND FOUR ITEMS OF EVIDENCE THAT UNDERMINES THE PROSECUTION CASE!!! Every single interview on all the offences, has been classed CND for this reason! They had no case!

I am so angry right now, I have since receipt of this paperwork, over two hundred pages, had to medicate myself so that I do not get into trouble, should I seek an alternative form of justice for all the wrongdoing I have had to endure over the last three years UNNECESSARILY!!!
That's right, they have known all along, that I was not guilty of anything!!!, I now have the evidence to prove it, but as ridiculous as this ordeal has already been shown to be, it get's even more incredible!

I have been 'loosely', advised legally, that should I attempt to publish this 'Restricted' document, I could face imprisonment! And that is just for the non Terrorism related material. The references to Terrorism, potentially come under the Official Secrets Act, and as such are punishable under that act, even without a signature from me (I offered the opinion that, even if I may have signed the official secrets act at some point long ago in my life for non related reasons, I argued that I had not signed anything regarding this, but I was informed that I apparently do not have to sign anything to be tried under this act!) Obviously the punishment under this act can be far more severe.
In the list is evidence proving my innocence for everything. For example, I was first arrested for supposed burglary of a chemist. I told them when I was arrested to go and check my CCTV which would prove what time I left my home. My job as a CPO has its perils, and I take personal safety very seriously, so my CCTV is a professional high end fully compliant system, so can easily pass as evidence. They did review this evidence, and it proved I was telling the truth, so they should of released me, but instead they marked this evidence as CND, so that it could not be used.

The Crown Prosecution Document I was sent has three ways to use and comment on each item of evidence:
D = Disclosure to defence
I = Defence may inspect
CND = Clearly not disclosable

Every single thing on every single page, was marked CND. They even included in the list "Jones custody record number **** containing a contemporaneous record of Jones treatment whilst in South Yorkshire Police Custody." Why would they need to basically classify a record of my treatment by them while in their custody? Why indeed!!!

Basically the more evidence they gathered, the more they undermined their own case against me, but instead of accepting this factual evidence, which proved my complete innocence and releasing me, they just CND'd it, and continued on with their relentless campaign of terror against my family, friends and myself.

They even have the fingerprints of the people who actually burgled the chemist. The very same people who later, successfully burgled my home while under the watchful eye of their police handler the night before I was due to attend court back in 2008, their success can be contributed solely to the police removal of my home CCTV system, is it any wonder they refused to attend and investigate when they were rang about my burglary.
So even though they have known all along, who was really responsible for the chemist burglary, they forced the man who was arrested with me on that night (still in jail to this day), to accept a deal, to admit guilt for burgling the chemist, in return they would go easy on his girlfriend (who is also not guilty of anything either!).

Another example included in this list of now 'non disclosable' evidence that undermines the prosecution case, is a statement from a forensic expert, the cleverly worded statement was designed to deceive the reader, I did not actually work it out myself (kudos to a certain friend for pointing out this deception, after reading it properly yesterday) as when de-constructed, it proved that there never was any forensic evidence in their favour, it seems that this attempt to deceive whoever the intended recipient was, did not work anyway, as they had to abandon this evidence, and subsequently applied to introduce hearsay evidence instead, I consider this particular attempt to incriminate me, far worse than the attempts of the two perjurious psychiatrists who lied through their teeth to try and get me sectioned.

It is very frustrating that I have all this evidence, but I can be punished for attempting to expose it for what it is, because of disclosure law. It clearly is one law for us, and none for them.
I have emailed a copy of this list to my solicitor, and await their response, and will update you all with whatever I legally can accordingly.

I also have news of the plight of one of the two innocent MI6 pilots which is of far greater immediate concern to me.

My two friends who have almost served half of their life sentences, are due for release later this year, after being imprisoned for almost ten years! As part of the process of readying long term prisoners for release, they are usually placed in a category D, open jail, and are allowed to work outside jail, so that they can gradually prepare for their impending freedom.
However in Christopher's case, this is not happening. The only reason I have finally decided to share this information with you all today is out of my immediate concerns for Christopher's safety, I am genuinely concerned from information received that he may be in danger.

In some instances in the past, Christopher has been punished while in custody, for any outside publicity his plight has been afforded. An example of this would be when Christopher was moved from his open jail, and placed in solitary confinement in a high security jail, until media interest was finally suppressed, after his name was published in a newspaper as a potential witness regarding the Jill Dando murder cover up. This investigation into the government cover up, the government preventing the media publishing information regarding British Intelligence of a Serbian Hit teams involvement in Jill Dando's murder was itself 'Covered up!' and when the media moved on, Chris was finally returned to his open jail.

Although Chris, a completely innocent man, not considered a threat or flight risk, who had previously been allowed to work outside in preparation for his release in the former category D, open prison he was previously residing. He has since been sent to a closed higher security prison, under very unusual circumstances, as not only does he not fit the profile of the dangerous prisoners usually housed at that specific prison, he is purposely being left unsupervised amongst them in dangerous circumstances, prison officers making sure they are conveniently out of the way, should anyone attempt to harm him. It has got to the point that he now locks himself away in his cell for his own safety for the most of the day.
I know this man very well, he is no coward, and has handled exceptionally, the very worst prison has to offer.
My own knowledge of him, his past, and his selfless service to this country, flying unquestionably into harms way on behalf of our governments on many occasions, give me all the more reason to be concerned about his current circumstances.

The reason I had previously stopped updating people as to his circumstances, was in the hope that if I showed that I was not making waves anymore, the PTB would play fair with Christopher and restore him to his open prison D cat status. However they have not, and from recent information I am now very concerned for his well being. Bigger things are going on behind the scenes, that I cannot comment on at this time.

I dare not share his location, in case this would also cause repercussions, but I feel it necessary to let everyone know what is happening, in the hope that should the minions of the state be reading this thread, (judging by how incredibly slow my PC has become, I am confident they are reading it live as I type!) I hope their knowledge of such, will make those responsible for his care while in state custody, aware that many people are watching very closely their treatment of him.



  1. What a WONDERFUL way of telling the story, Karen!!! I've turned on Skype hoping to talk to you SOOOON!!!

    I've helped Maurice clean up his website, added one of my own and keep trying to get attention to the fact that he now only feels safe in Brittany, where he's asked for asylum.

    For there is a WARRANT for ARREST out. Yesterday he was told that the court only accepts his application if he comes IN PERSON!...


  2. My case is a bit like that in some ways only I didn't win.
    I'm getting quietly persecuted in Lancashire.

    I live in hiding so I can't be sectioned or arrested.

    More than nine weeks so far. Not half inconvenient.

    My url is
    My email is

    Please someone help - soon